Excel, TI-83

In Excel, these functions are
  probability = NORMSDIST(z)  -  cumulative standard normal distribution, 0 ≤ p ≤ 1 for -∞ ≤ z ≤ ∞ , μ=0, σ=1.
  probability = NORMDIST(x, mean, standard_deviation, cumulative),  where cumulative is TRUE or FALSE.
  z = NORMSINV(proability) is the inverse function of NORMSDIST.
  x = NORMINV(probability,mean,standard_deviation)  is the inverse of NORMDIST with cumulative=TRUE.

On the TI-83, the functions are
    normalcdf(left,right,[mu,sigma]) finds the area under the normal curve (This function is listed under the "Distru" menu.)
    This means that what I was calling prob[z] and is listed in Table D-4 is normalcdf(-1e99,z).

Created by Mathematica  (October 2, 2003)