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Programming Workshop

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  • When: Tues/Fri 1:30-2:50pm
  • Where: Sci 217
  • Faculty: Jim Mahoney
  • Credits: variable, typically 2-4
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prereq: Permission of instructor.
Class discussion of students' programming projects. Variable credit, depending on the amount of work produced and class participation.

This is an intermediate level course aimed at those who have some experience in writing computer programs.

The direction this class goes will depend on who shows up and where they're at. Nearly any kind of programming project of your choice is fair game, including ones designed to let you explore a new language.

Possible projects might include lego robots with Java, bioinformatics with Perl, machine learning with Lisp, numerical simulations in Fortran, system sockets in C++, playing poker with Python, writing spam filters in Ruby, coding an online interactive game in Javascript, or whatever else comes to mind,

In addition to the algorithms and code itself, expect to discuss issues around programming such as the planning process, documentation, and version control.

  1. for Friday Sep 10
    • Come to class ready to discuss what your programming.
    • Please bring an example of something you've coded. If possible, put it online and bring a link where we can look at it or a part of it.

  • Not yet.

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