Computer Science @ Marlboro  

Computer Science at Marlboro College

Each student studying computing at Marlboro follows a one-of-a-kind, custom degree program, designed with their interests and aspirations in mind.

After starting their course of study with some of the courses listed below, student in their Junior and Senior study their chosen speciality in one-on-one tutorials.

Upcoming Courses

This list is tentative and will be adjusted depending on student interests and needs.

Often each semester has an intro CS course, an intermediate CS course, and a general audience science course of some sort each term. /p>

Individual and group tutorials aren't listed here - juniors and seniors on plan should expect additional upper level topics.

Computing courses at Marlboro

A more complete list of computing courses which are sometimes offered includes the following.

Questions, comments, and requests are welcome, in person or by email.

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Last updated May 2019