Spring 2018

I read sections 1-2.2 of the Networking book. I’d been concerned I started too far in the book to understand what was being taught, so started from the beginning.

it really helped to start from the beginning. for instance I learned that there are different kind of packet you can listen for (ethernet vs wifi) and that once you chose, you can sort those network packets by selecting their column-header tabs. I also didin’t realize that sections of the report in the protocol screen were being relayed by the raw screen- so when I click on some piece of information there, you can see where it’s coming from below.

I’d never played with the analysis and statistics tools before- did not understand what was being said but I understand the idea of needing certain summaries of this network “pulse” you are taking. I also thought it was cool that you can have multiple domain names being directed by a single http request. I knew it in theory but not in practice.

I kept getting stuck on the fact that the version of ethereal things they are showing is not quite what I have to work with in wireshark. But things went fine. Oh, another thing is that wireshark made my computer crash.

In class I’d like to some more packet analysis with jim.

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