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Fall 2006

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in class on Sep 18

Is there an editor that has automatic version control?
Jim: I don't know of any where it's built in, I'm afraid. I think instead you need to
1. install a version control system like Subversion,
2. create a local repository and "check-out" a folder or tree (and work in that "checked out" tree)
3. use an editor that's aware of subversion. There are extensions to Mac and Windows that make interactions with the version control part of the desktop interface; see

also in class Sep 18

How do we do make executable python scripts on Windows?
Jim: I still need to read/test this. There's a discussion of some of the procedures at

Assignment for 9/20?

Is there any new programming due tomorrow?
Jim: I'm going to have assignments due once weekly, on Mondays.

shell commands

Where can I find commony used bash shell commands? courses/ fall2006/python/ wiki/ Q_and_A
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