Fall 2007


This is where articles will be for you to download and read for class.

Reading for 9/13/07

a file called GibsonChemSensitivAltTher2003.pdf (see below)
One correct citation format for this is:
Gibson, PR; Elms, ANM; Ruding, LA. 2003. Perceived Treatment Efficacy for Conventional and Alternative Therapies Reported by Persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Env. Health Persp. 111(12):1498-1504.

Reading for 9/18/07

Please read each of the two articles as thoroughly as you can, and come to class with questions about them:

Reading for 9/20/07

The following two aromatherapy articles for Thursday. Courtney will be presenting the Howard article, and Zorn will be presenting the article by Cooke et al. These articles are on your disks as well as available in the attachments section at the bottom of this page. Come to class with questions:

Reading for 9/24/07

Greg and Sarah will be presenting articles on Tuesday. Greg's article is on medicinal plants used for H. pylori infections; Sarah's is on homeopathy.

Reading for 9/26/07

Josie and Michaela will be presenting articles on Thursday. Josie's article is by Tsang; it is not on your cd, but is available at the link below. Michaela's is also on Reiki and is by Vitale (present here and on your disk).

Reading for 10/2/07

Josie and Thea will be presenting articles on Tuesday. Josie's article is on acupressure and is by by Dibble; Thea's is on music therapy and is by Aragorn. Both are on your cd and available below.

Reading for 10/4/07

Thea and Chelsea will be presenting articles on Thursday. Thea's article is on music therapy and is by Ferguson and Chelsea's is on compounds found in blueberry and is by Nicoue. Both are on your cd and available below.

Reading for 10/9/07

Greg, Michaela and Heather are signed up for Tuesday. Greg's article is by Lingstrom et al. and is on dental plaque and breads with differing glycemic indices. Heather's article is on Midwifery and is by Cragin. Michaela's article will be postponed until later.

Reading for 10/11/07

Thea, Josie and Heather are signed up for Thursday. Josie's article is by Wordell et al. and is on Healing Touch. Michaela has an article on the plant Ashwagandha that we will read for Thursday or shortly thereafter; it is by Dasgupta.

Reading for 10/16/07

Levi and Liz are signed up for Tuesday. Levi's article is by Cohen et. al and is on Tibetan Yoga. Liz's article is by Babu et. al and is on biofeedback.

Reading for 10/18/07

Sarah and Thea are signed up for Thursday.
Sarah is presenting an article on Homeopathy that is not available in electronic format. There are hard copies in an envelope on the door of my office - please pick up your copy. The complete citation for her article is:
Jacobs, J; Jimenez, LM; Gloyd, SS; Gale JL; Crothers D. 1994. Treatment of acute childhood diarrhea with homeopathic medicine: a randomized clinical trial in Nicaragua. Pediatrics 93(5):719-725.
Thea is presenting an article by Billhult et al. on massage, available on your CDs and in the attachments section, below.

Reading for 10/25/07

Josie, Courtney and Liz are signed up for the Thursday after Hendrick's weekend. Josie's paper is on Cancer and garlic, by Herman et al.. Liz's paper is by Gupta et al. and is on Ayurveda for stress. Courtney's paper is on Midwifery and is by Bayles et al.

Reading for TUESDAY 10/30/07

I have two articles so far (from Zorn and Levi); ... a third one has just been added - Heather is presenting Campbell et al. on Midwifery

Reading for THURSDAY 11/1/07

Greg's article is by Chaya et al. and is on Yoga. Michaela will be presenting an article by Stewart et al. that compares several methods.


Reading for TUESDAY 11/6/07

Levi's article is on biofields.

Reading for THURSDAY 11/8/07

Postponed from 11/6 Liz's article is on bright light for depression; Heather will be presenting a midwifery article.


Reading for TUESDAY 11/13/07

Sarah suggests that everyone try out the sauna Monday night before class. Sarah will be presenting on thermal therapy; Greg will be presenting on bitter gourd for diabetes. Thea has a paper on light therapy.

NOTE THAT THIS IS TUESDAY'S READING! Note that it was previously assigned for Thursday 11/6

Reading for THURSDAY 11/15/07

Chelsea's article is on larval therapy; Courtney will present an article on aromatherapy.

Reading for TUESDAY 11/27/07

Courtney will present the Kumar article on meditation and Reiki; please examine this article critically.

Reading for THURSDAY 11/29/07

Levi will present on Zen Meditation for Tumor inhibition; Greg will present on mind-body therapy for back pain.

Reading for TUESDAY 12/4/07

Heather will be presenting the Cioffi article. Liz and Zorn's articles are postponed until Thursday.

Reading for THURSDAY 12/6/07

Liz will be presenting on alleviating hallucinations. Zorn will be presenting the Mathai article. (both postponed from Tuesday)
Sarah will be presenting (tba) We will also work on the data from our experiment.

Reading for TUESDAY 12/11/07

Zorn and Michaela will present on Tuesday. Michaela's article is on midwifery and Zorn's is on Chiropractic care. courses/ fall2007/alternative_medicine/ resources
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