Spring 2006


  due Thu Jan 26

First Project Proposal

  due Thu Feb 2

Week Two

  due Thu Feb 9

Week Three

  due Thu Feb 16

Week Four

  due Fri Feb 24

Week Five

  due Thu Mar 2

Midterm Project

You should have, online and complete, your code and documentation by the start of class on Thurs March 2. Any extensions to this need to be negotiated ahead of time.
Since I do want you to present, some people will have to ready to discuss and show their work on Tuesday, even though the final product isn't due until Thursday.
  due Thu Mar 9

Final Project Proposal

  due Wed Mar 29

Week Six

  due Thu Apr 6

Week Seven

  due Thu Apr 13

Week Eight

  due Thu Apr 20

Week Nine

  due Thu Apr 27

Final Project


Term Grade