Spring 2017


Argentine Tango (ART742) Monday 3:30pm - 4:50pm in the Serkin Dance Studio Faculty: Jim Mahoney and Sara Salimbeni 1 credit. May be repeated for credit.
Argentine Tango is an improvised social partner dance currently popular all over the world, including here in Brattleboro. If you've never seen it before, check out the "Tango Bar" video in the library, or any of the video clip links on the resources page.
In each 90 min class you should expect some posture / stretching exercises, some new moves, and some open practice time. Please be on time. Repeated arriving late will affect your grade.
This semester we intend to focus more on the fundamentals (i.e. the embrace and connection between the dancers and the music) than fancy steps.
The course requirements are
Attendance is crucial, particularly since the material builds sequentially.
Tango is a close contact activity, so personal hygiene matters : please arrive washed, brushed, and perhaps even scented.
We will meet this semester in the Serkin Dance Studio. Wear thick comfortable socks that will let you pivot on the floor. (Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studio.) courses/ spring2017/tango/ syllabus
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