Base Conversion and Subnet Tool

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Enter a number in any of the following formats, then hit return to see that number displayed in all the others.
   Base 10                201_778_690
   Octal  (Base  8)    0__1401563002                            (leading zero)
   Hex    (Base 16)    0x_0C_06_E6_02                           (leading 0x)
   IP                                       (periods)
   Binary (Base  2)    0b_00001100_00000110_11100110_00000010   (leading 0b)
The underbar character ("_") in all of these is entirely optional and included for legibility only.

To see a CIDR subnet mask applied to your number, append a slash and a number between 1 and 32, i.e. .

Numbers in IP format (i.e. must begin with a digit and contain either one, two, or three periods.
Partial IP addresses like 10. or 10.2 will be expanded by appending zeros and periods at the right end as needed.

The number may be passed in the scipt URL as ?number= , i.e. baseConvert.cgi?number=10.2.1/22 .

So there you are.

Jim Mahoney <>
source code