Fall 2018


Friday, Aug 31st

Get out of bed; have sufficient coffee/food/video games to get you ready for the day; show up to class.

Monday, Sep 3rd

Browse the following in Stewart: Preface(s), Preview of Calc, all of Chapter 1, the appendices (especially A,B and D). The goal is not to learn new material, but to get a sense of what you're already comfortable with, what you've seen but probably need to spend more time with, and what is completely new to you.

Wednesday, Sep 5th

Start reading Chapter 1 and the first four appendices in more depth.

Friday, Sep 7th

Finish reading Chapter 1 and the first four appendices in more depth. Come with questions, comments, requests for more discussion on particular topics, etc.

Monday, Sep 10th

No specific prep, although the assignment is up and you can start working on it.

Wednesday, Sep 12th

Make sure you've had a good go at the assignment. Come with questions. Also, Chapter 2, first couple of subsections.

Friday, Sep 14th

Assignment due at 3pm today!

Monday, Sep 17th

Everything in Section 2 up to 2.3: Calculating Limits Using the Limit Laws.

Wednesday, Sep 19th

2.4: The Precise Definition of a Limit.

Friday, Sep 21st

The remainder of Section 2.

Monday, Sep 24th

Have worked on the assignment. Come with questions.

Wednesday, Sep 26th

Assignment due today. No prep for class; we'll start talking about Chapter 3.

Friday, Sep 28th

Read Chapter 3 as far as Differentiation Formulas (3.3 in my edition).

Monday, Oct 1st

Rates of Change in the Natural and Social Sciences (3.4 in my ed).

Wednesday, Oct 3rd


Friday, Oct 5th

Derivatives of Trig Functions and the Chain Rule. (as far as 3.6 in my ed). This is the boundary line for the next assignment, which will be due Oct 12th.

Monday, Oct 8th

Intro to next section (end of Chapter 3 and start of Chapter 4).

Wednesday, Oct 10th

Assignment help and time to get more differentiation practice in.

Friday, Oct 12th

Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates: intro.

Monday, Oct 15th

Hendricks Days: No class

Wednesday, Oct 17th

Troubleshooting higher order derivatives, implicit differentiation and related rates. Be sure to have carefully read these subsections (all at the end of Chapter 3).

Friday, Oct 19th

Optimization Problems

Monday Oct 22nd

Mean Value Theorem. This takes us to the end of the material needed for the next assignment.

Wednesday Oct 24th

Assignment help. Make sure you've started to work on it.

Friday Oct 26th

Graph sketching; especially using information from higher derivatives.

Monday Oct 29th

More graph sketching: everything you ever wanted to know about asymptotes.

Wednesday Oct 31st

Exponential and logarithmic functions; l'Hopital's rule.

Friday Nov 2nd

Monday Nov 5th

Wednesday Nov 7th

Friday Nov 9th

No prep: assigment due.

Monday Nov 12th

Wednesday Nov 14th

Friday Nov 16th

Monday Nov 19th

Wednesday Nov 21st

Friday Nov 23rd

NO CLASS: Thanksgiving Break.

Monday Nov 26th

Wednesday Nov 28th

Friday Nov 30th

Monday Dec 4th

Wednesday Dec 6th

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