Spring 2018

godot - jim's how-to

As of late March, I can run N's godot projects. The steps are

  1. installed godot.app .

  2. unpacked N's .7z folder archive e.g. SG_demo.7z

$ brew install p7zip 
$ 7z x SG_demo.7z        # creates "STG copy"
  1. launch godot app. click "import". browse to the "project.godot" file within the unpacked folder i.e. "STG copy".

... and the various project files are available in the godot IDE.

*.tscn  - scene file
*.gd    - godot source file (its own language, similar to python in syntax)

The project has a tree structure of "nodes" each with a .scene and .gd file.

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