Spring 2018

Web Tech

C Jan 30


Working through this C Tutorial to practice some of the basic syntax. The Matlof stuff was a little beyond me - need to find some good resources for exercises to work through in c. Read through the tutorial and wrote out a lot of the examples. Most things made sense but I still don't understand the output on questionONe.c. I stopped at structures as they seem sorta similar to classes but I couldn't quite wrap my head around them. I was going to try making my own function for finding the max number in an array, but I settled for just setting an array and finding the max number specifically. Is there a simple way to find the length of a given array in C? A brief google search didn't yield anything conclusive that worked for me except maybe sizeof(a)/sizeof(a[0]) but that is apparently dangerous and doesn't work in all cases? I found it interesting that i got the output 1559574368 and it changes apparently randomly when I change my for loop to terminate at i < sizeof(a) rather than i < 4. Can you explain that?


I read command line basics, and made flashcards of terminology and commands I should remember. Made like 50 of them will share with nate. I practiced identifying the prompt, command, options and arguments in terminal. I went right to learning how to use the manual and looked up a few terms. i read the first chapter of command line basics and did all the rest of exercises in that chapter. practiced moving around in the command line, the shortcuts were useful stuff.

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