Spring 2018


Jan 30

Jim says

I've pasted in an email from Leslie below.

I did a bit of formatting on it, and also made a snapshot of the work-internship-react github repo .

I think that the "can't post" issue is that my software is choking on a non-ascii character in this file - a bug I'll need to address.

Meanwhile, I am not quite sure what to make of this work-internship-react project. I'm guessing that some of this is boilerplate, some may be from a previous coworker, and some is your work - I cannot tell which is what. I am not fluent in React at this point. I thought we'd agreed to do something other than your work internship in this class setting, namely some js language stuff from Eloquent Javascript, and a smaller react thing where I could easily tell what was from a tutorial and what was from you.

Leslie's email

Hi jim,

here are my web tutorial notes, Its not working, can't post them simple_smile

Hi Jim, in addition to finishing one of the 2 coding problems for the coding workshop (sorry again for being slow) here is a link to the github repo for the project I'm doing for my internship, I did a bunch of work in javascript (see jan 24 work). I'm planning to turn this into that "toy version" you were talking about on monday, but for now see this work:

Leslie's Javascript Work, Jan 23/24

I tried to do some new things this time, I'd initially used "inputs" and other tags to make dropdowns but I think the way I re-did it looks a lot better, less code. to make the form but I wanted to learn something new for the tutorial. I changed all that code to controlled components in a new way, so I learned a lot, connected them all together etc. I read a tutorial online about controlled components so I could understand what I was doing better

React JS Forms, Controlled Components

She breaks it down pretty well. This took about 8 hours, between jan. 23rd and jan. 24th.

JAN 30th (leslie):

So I pumped out a lot of code this week, and learned some new things. DEBUGGING!! and I made another few controlled components, and I learned about collapsing existing code into something that looks nicer. for instance I took individual inputs for text fields and replaced them with components that had handleChange events that allow for state to change. The tricky part was making sure everything still functioned as I collapsed/relabeled and reorganized code into something that looked more professional. I've never done that, I got a whole host of bugs I had to sort through. This was also new - I've never actually taken 4 hours to simply debug stuff but there you go- it became easier as time went on to understand what the DOM was telling me went wrong. I experimented with passing props and superprops between components. just generally working to understand react a bit better, Its something that is new to me. I also had to work quite a bit with git/github because at some point, I started working from an old copy and had to deal with that as I merged files, things got updated before they should have, I had to experiment with command line solutions to work with git and remove histories/update things for hours. Overall successful week, this definitely took me about 20 hours of work this week.

I don't quite remember some of the other links I read, I read dozens of stackoverflow things about various errors like this. But this is kind of what I was dealing with, but you know it takes practice debugging.

I also edited how it looks, I made a stylesheet which in and of itself probably took another 4 hours.

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