Spring 2018

Nate Says

This week we worked on setting up a linode. We registered the domain name leslienate.tech for 1 dollar on namescheap and set up Linode as my DNS. We rented a Linode in Jersey, booted it up with ubuntu 14.04 and messed around with the configuration. We installed apache 2.4 and fumbled through getting things set up. We had some trouble getting my host-name to matchup for a bit, and had a few other errors. It took me a little longer than I'd like to admit just to figure out how to properly edit text files. Fumbling around with Vim at the moment. We got the web server working and currently just serving a few host folders. Got a hello-world html document to show up along with the default ubuntu hello page. I have some lingering questions about how to have a reasonable workflow but it probably just comes from playing around with it a lot :).

https://cs.marlboro.college /cours /spring2018 /jims_tutorials /web_tech /net_feb5
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