Spring 2018

Web tech - Leslie - March 3

I sort of wanted to backtrack and re-did another dns, I called it lesliewonderz.club and I just hooked it in with the preexisting linode. Didin’t do much else with this yet. I noticed some graphs on the linode webpage this time around as I was staring at it, will ask you what them mean next time, something about usage and bits but i did not understand the x,y axis of this (labeled “graphs,” see below)

I went into VIM, made sure my linode host name was set and then did an upgrade with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

(here I’m just practicing maintenance, and I need repetition to get better at things)

I thought more about the apache setting you need to make everything work, “keepalive” and they want you to turn it off, I was looking that up- don’t quite understand the meaning of it. something about not needing to page refresh every time you pass information back and fourth from the server?

I also looked at the..prefork module, was thinking about how, it lists the minspareserves and maxspareservers, I guess that just shows how many requests your server can handle?

I moved the index file from where it was, to the public html folder so it could be our homepage. Before it wasn’t in the right place(this is still in leslienate.tech).

page is still hitting an error, I'm not sure where the problem is I tried to debug could not find error logs. Today was a good background research day though.

https://cs.marlboro.college /cours /spring2018 /jims_tutorials /web_tech /new_mar3
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