Spring 2019


1. a web page due Thu Jan 24

2. html, css, js teaching - part 1 & 2 due Tue Jan 29

3. html, css, js teaching - part 2 & 3 due Tue Feb 12

For Thu Feb 7 and Tue Feb 12, again prepare and present a short piece for the rest of the class, giving some references to what you want to explain and an example. The topic is again the core tech of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. And again please create a page within the www section of this course site, in your editable folder.

4. front end project due Tue Feb 26

5. back end project due Tue Apr 2

6. wireshark due Tue Apr 9

7. project proposal due Tue Apr 16

8. final project due Fri May 3

9. course grade due Fri May 10