Physics I

Spring 2020



title       General Physics I : mechanics
term        Spring 2020
credits     4
time        Tues/Thu 10-11:30am
level       Introductory
faculty     Jim Mahoney
repeat      no, cannot be repeated for credit
prereq      math proficiency up to and including calculus


Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics, 4th Edition by Randall Knight, ISBN 0133942651 , parts 1-3, chapters 1-13.

(The text is expensive but has several semesters worth of material. There are various editions of different sizes, versions, of editions of this which may work for us - let's discuss at our first meeting.)


An introductory physics class suitable for students considering a Plan in physics, science students, or non-science students who want a physics foundation. Topics include vector algebra, kinematics, dynamics of single and many-particle systems, gravitation, energy, momentum, conservation laws, circular and rigid body motion. This will be a calculus-based version. Our weekly meeting time may change depending on the participants. /cours /spring2020 /mechanics /syllabus
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