Fall 2006


  due Tue Sep 12

one: Preliminaries

  due Tue Sep 19

two: Gimp

  due Tue Sep 26

three: photo manipulation

  1. This is your "mini-project" for the first "images" part of the course.
    • Take pictures of (a) a person, and (b) a landscape or background with a digital camera, and move them to a computer. (I have a camera which can be loaned out, John Willis has several, or borrow one from a friend if you don't have one.)
    • Using the two photos, create a new image that puts the person into that landscape. Brownie points for any interesting variations or techniques (for example, having their hand appear to hold or rest on something in the landscape).
    • Submit this by uploading the originals and your composite, as well as describing what exactly what you did.
  2. Start moving towards sound manipulations:
    • Install Audacity and start playing around with it.
    • Start reading about audio and Audacity from the links on the resources page.
  due Tue Oct 3

four: audio

  due Tue Oct 10

five: blender first tutorial

  due Tue Oct 17

six: more blender

  due Tue Oct 31

seven: project proposal

  due Tue Nov 7

eight: short video project

  due Tue Nov 21

draft of project

  due Tue Dec 5

nine: plugins and scripts

  due Fri Dec 15

final project


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