Fall 2006



title Digital Multimedia term Fall 2006 credits 3 time TuTh 10:00 - 11:30 place Sci 217 level Introduction faculty Jim Mahoney repeat no prereq none


An introduction to computer manipulation of images, music, animation, and video, including background topics in optics, acoustics, and the Internet.
This course is aimed at anyone who wants do art with a computer. No prior experience is required.
The equipment and software will be flexible, but will emphasize open source systems such as Audacity (sound), the Gimp (images), and Blender (animation). Where schedules allow we will connect with the various art labs (photo, music, video), but much of the work won't require specialized equipment.
Expect weekly assignments, some quizes, and a final project. (Like any 3 credit course, you should plan to spend about 9 hours/week including class.)

*tentative* calendar

Tues/Thurs Fall 2006 semester Sep 12 14 basics: bits, bytes, bandwidth, compression 19 21 light and optics 26 28 GIMP (raster graphics) Oct 3 5 sound and acoustics 10 12 Audacity (audio) 17 19 animation overview 26 Blender 31 2 video technologies Nov 7 9 ? 14 16 other - pick final projects 21 variations 28 30 Dec 5 7 - Final projects 12 courses/ fall2006/multimedia/ syllabus
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