Fall 2006

Computer Networking and Practical Security

This course will introduce students to the underpinnings of the internet and basic security measures. Students will be exposed to the tools and procedures for both administrating and attacking a network, as well as given an overview of modern cryptography. Prerequisite: Some Unix familiarity, programming experience recommended.


Students will be graded on weekly assignments consisting of reading and hands-on exploration with tools. Depending on the assignment, either a short diary or a presentable project will be expected. Students will have access to (and are encouraged to use) the provided security lab so as to avoid causing harm to their own computers or someone else's. The final two weeks' work will be focused on a small project of the student's choice. Viable projects include an expansion of a previous assignment, exploration of a new tool or concept, or a short (but educated) 2-3 page essay. Since this class will meet only once a week, attendance will also be a large factor in grading. Students with more than one unexcused absense should expect their grade to drop significantly. The grade percentage break-down is as follows: courses/ fall2006/networking/ home
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