Fall 2007


  due Mon Sep 10


  due Mon Sep 17


  due Mon Sep 24

searching part 2

  due Mon Oct 1

searching wrap-up

  due Mon Oct 8

Propositional Logic

  due Mon Oct 15

first order logic

  due Mon Oct 29

inference and knowledge systems

  due Mon Nov 5

mid-term project

Use an automated logic system to solve a logic problem.
Describe your experience and document your results in way that others in the class can profit from, including some general remarks about the problem (how easy, how hard, methods of approach) and the system (strengths, weaknesses, syntax). If you have a specific system or problem, discuss with me; otherwise, choose here are some specific suggestions:
  due Mon Nov 12

Learning part 1

  due Mon Nov 19

Learning 2

  due Mon Dec 3

Markov models, speech, and language

  due Mon Dec 10

Oral presentations

  due Fri Dec 14

final project


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