Chemistry I

Fall 2007


The syllabus is available below (under "attachments") as a pdf.


Principles of general chemistry, M. Silberberg

Problem of the week

POW 9_13_07
POW 9_19_07
POW 9_23_07
POW 10_2_07
An extra exercise for you ponder. New each week.

Articles of interest

On the origin of the concept of the mole and early estimates of its numerical value
"Some Notes on Avogadro's Number, 6.022 x 10^23"
"Joseph Loschmidt, Physicist and Chemist"
An article by Travis on wave/particle duality & and the Copenhagen interpretation
"Intelligent design in the physics classroom?"
An article describing research that shows that "all-nighters" hurt students' grades; below, under Attachments


Journal of chemical education
Green chemistry
Journal of biological chemistry

Other useful & interesting sites

American Chemical Society (ACS)
Green chemistry at the U. of Oregon
Green chemistry at the ACS
Geobacter webpage - these bacteria oxidize organic compounds and can transfer electrons to electrodes. They can be used to degrade organic pollutants, and they can be used to make a "microbial fuel cell": Geobacter Project

Internship resources

The National Science Foundation funds summer internships through its Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program
Other internship announcements:

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