Chemistry I

Fall 2007

General Chemistry I, NSC158

Todd Smith

Course description

Chemistry has a rich history, including ancient theories on the nature of matter and recipes for converting lead into gold. Modern research and applications are equally exciting, and include topics such as creating more efficient solar collectors and the reactions of natural and human-made chemicals in the environment (e.g., processes that lead to acid rain, a “hole” in the ozone layer). In this course we will study topics such as atomic structure and the periodic table, reaction stoichiometry, chemical bonds, and molecular structure. Many topics are related to current health and environmental issues. For example, discussions of pH and reduction-oxidation reactions include research on the natural chemistry of surface waters and the effects of acid rain on natural systems.

Course goals

Grading policy

Students are expected to attend all lectures and to complete all reading assignments. There will be two 1-hour exams during class, weekly homework assignments, an in-class presentation, and a final exam. The one-hour exams are worth 100 points each, the homework 20 points each, the presentation 100 points, and the final is worth 100 points. The grade received in the course will be the ratio of points earned over points possible: 90% & above = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D. Diligent and conscientious participation in class and on assignments will boost borderline grades to the higher grade. If extenuating circumstances will prevent you from taking an exam notify me as soon as possible so that we can make alternative arrangements for administering the exam.


General Chemistry I Laboratory, NSC444

Course schedule - an approximate guide to the semester

Intro class, 9/5; class on Friday, 9/7

Week of 9/10

Week of 9/17

Week of 9/24

Week of 10/1

Week of 10/8

Week of 10/15

Week of 10/22 - Hendricks Days - no classes Monday & Tuesday

Week of 10/29

Week of 11/5

Week of 11/12

Week of 11/19

Week of 11/26

Week of 12/3

Week of 12/10 (Monday & Wednesday only)

12/13 Reading Day
12/14 Reading Day
12/15 Exam Day
12/16 no exams
12/17 Exam Day
12/18 Exam Day courses/ fall2007/chemistry/ syllabus
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