Fall 2017


This is the home page for the Fall 2017 Discrete Math class at Marlboro College. If you are in the class, log-in at the top-right of the screen to access more menu options on the left. A copy of the handout from the intro class is attached at the bottom of this page.


Discrete math is the study of mathematical objects on which there is no natural notion of continuity. Examples include the integers, networks, permutations and search trees. After an introduction to the tools needed to study the subject, the emphasis will be on you *doing* mathematics. Series of problems will lead gradually to proofs of major theorems in various areas of the discipline.


We will be using various different texts throughout the course. I will list them here.


This course will use the usual grading scale, with grades computed as follows:

attendance and participation: 10%

Come to class prepared to discuss material we have covered already in class, and answer short writing prompts on the material. Please do not use phones and computers in class unless discussed with me beforehand. Please arrive on time. I will take attendance. There are roughly 40 classes total throughout the semester, please do your best to arrive on time to all of them.

homework: 30%

Homework will be posted, and I usually give about a week for the assignment to be turned in.

midterm: 30%

final project: 30%

Pick a topic to give a presentation on, I will help you pick one. It should include one proof. Write up the proof and an outline of your presentation, during the last class or two you will present it to the class. Refer to the schedule for a timeline on when it should be done.

academic honesty

You are expected to be aware of the college's policy on academic integrity and to abide by it. Please come and talk to me if anything is unclear.
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