Spring 2009


Welcome to General Physics II, Spring 2009
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Course Information

    Course Number: NSC262
    Time: MWF, 11:30 - 12:50
    Place: Sci 117A
    Texts: Project Physics 2 by Travis Norsen, Understanding Physics (Part 1) by Cummings et al
    Prerequisites: General Physics I or equivalent
    Credits: 4
    Course Overview: Second half of the year-long introductory physics sequence. In the first half of the semester we will study one of the great pre-20th century physics theories, Newtonian gravitation. This theory will serve as an integrating theme for topics including rotational dynamics and astronomy. After spring break we will choose from a handful of possible paths based on class interest.
    Assignments and Grading: Weekly homework assignments will ask students to analyze and report the results of in-class experiments, relate material from class with concepts from the text, and solve problems. Since the course centers around the in-class activities, attendance, class-participation, diligence, preparation, and seriousness will be worth 20% of final grade. The weekly homework assignments will be worth 40%. There will be occasional quizzes throughout the semester worth a total of 20%, and a final exam will be worth 20%.

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