Fall 2018

getting started

Let me remind you of basic expectations - please read the "copyright & plagiarism" stuff on the resources page.

As usual, we'll have weekly assignments, and you'll get a single term letter grade based on the number of those turned in with a reasonable effort. We'll have a couple other graded assignments, mostly labs from the CMU course.

I think I have set up accounts on and put most of you into this course website. Let me know if not.

Questions about anything?

We're just going to jump in with the general "working with C and unix" background stuff. If these topics aren't familiar, start googling and look around for tutorials. I've listed some on the resources page. If they are familiar, remind yourself of the details.

command line

We'll be working at the unix command prompt, like this.

laptop$ ssh      # connect to a remote server
shannon$ pwd                                   # print working directory name
shannon$ ls                                    # list files

some commands: pwd, ls, cd, tree, head, tail, more (less), echo, printenv, tail, w, top, nano, vim, emacs -nw, gcc, which, make, chmod

some folders: /, ~, ., ..

Other topics for discussion:



Go over C syntax, pointers, and all that. Here are some examples to prompt our discussion.

Topics to explore:

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