Fall 2018

bytes and ints

Unlike some of the courses you've done with me, I'm not going to produce detailed lecture notes for this course, since the CMU course already has extensive lecture notes.

So what you can expect to see here is some bullet points of what I'd like to cover just to keep us on track.

I would rather not have this turn into a lecture format class - instead I want you to be reading and playing around so that we can have a discussion.

Your task this week is to

Please do check out the material available from the textbook website and the cmu course - I'll show you some of their lecture notes during class.

The CMU class starts with a "data lab", which I'm not going to assign. Instead I'll have some C coding exercises and exercises from the end of chapter 2 up by Thursday.

Discuss the homework.

Check out my version with a+b+c=10000 in code/pythagorean and discuss.

Merlin says :

$ scp <file> <server>:<location>


Discuss code in code/pointers .

... and some of the my C code from last week's notes.

chapter 2

Start in on chapter 2 material using CMU lecture notes. /cours /fall2018 /systems /notes /chap2a
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