Fall 2018

Tue Nov 13

Questions about anything so far?

virtual memory

Let's finish this material today.

In class, go over the practice problems I asked you to prepare.

The discuss briefly garbage collection which is closely related to malloc & free.

Two main things to take away :


I've changed my mind about the order of topics for the remaining few weeks in the term. I had said we would do concurancy (chap 12) then a bit of networks (chap 11). But it turns out that chap 12 uses an example (echo) from chap 11 ... which makes that awkward.

The network stuff in chap 11 is very important, so if you've never seen those concepts, they're worth being exposed to. The actual internet stuff is only summarized; the text only dives into details when discussing the C API to the kernel's networking libraries.

Also, Nate is doing the web server lab.

So: read chap 11. We'll do that this week, then finish up with chap 12 after that.

I'm not going to assign too much written stuff over the next few weeks, so as to leave you time to work on your second lab.

I'll walk through some of the basic ideas today and look at some client / server code on Thursday. /cours /fall2018 /systems /notes /networks
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