Fall 2018

Tue Oct 2

2015 x86_64 "student self study" bomblab assignment

2010 x86 bomblab

If you're interested ... my solution to the 2010 bomb lab (x86 , not x86_64)

This is different from the one you're working on, and with an older version of the assembler. But it has enough similarities to have some spoilers ... so you may want to ignore it if you're still making progress on your own with the one due Thursday.

smashing the stack

Next topic : smashing the stack (chap 3.10 in the textbook ; 09-machine-advanced.pdf in the lecture slides)

Although this sort of vulnerability is becoming much harder to exploit these days, I think it's import to understand the basics idea. I will have an assignment for next week on this material, either from the textbook or some of the attack lab. /cours /fall2018 /systems /notes /prebomblab
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