Intro to
(with Python)

Fall 2019



title       Introduction to Programming (with Python)
term        Fall 2019
credits     4
time        Tues/Thu 11:30 - 12:50
place       Sci 217
level       Introductory
faculty     Jim Mahoney
repeat      no, cannot be repeated for credit
prereq      none
number      NSC552


Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science by John Zelle, 3rd edition, ISBN 1590282752


This is a first class in computer programming, and as such a foundation class for further work in computer science. Much as a competency with English grammar is required for writing, an understanding of programming is required to for nearly all intermediate and advanced work in computer science.

A similar course is offered every Fall, though the language chosen varies from year to year. Python is a modern, elegant, high level scripting language, used for scientific programming, web servers, and all sorts of other things. It's been one of the most popular programming languages at Marlboro.

Topics will include program design, boolean logic, debugging, input/output, object oriented programming, as well as a variety of basic computer skills. Expect weekly practice problems (for a single term grade based on how many are turned in), a small midterm project, and a final project.

We'll be following the text pretty closely, so check it out for more details.

This semester we'll be using python 3 and the most recent version of the textbook, the 3rd edition.

tentative schedule

Subject to change as we go along.

  chapter                                   date
  -------------------------                 ------
  1   computers & programs                  Aug 30
  2   writing simple programs               Sep  4
  3   computing with numbers                    11     
  4   objects and graphics                      18
  5   sequences: strings, lists, files          25
  6   defining functions                    Oct  9
  7   decision structures                       18
  8   loop structures and booleans              23
  9   simulation and design                     29
 10   defining classes                      Nov  6
 11   data collections                          13
 12   object-oriented design                    20
 13   algorithm design and recursion            27

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