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If you are allowed to edit a page, you can do so by clicking the "edit" link above the page content.

These pages use a markdown syntax along with html with snips of LaTeX for math.

The rules are :

Below are examples.

You can see the markup which created this page at markup.txt.

Plain Text

This is text on several lines which is wrapped into one paragraph. Whitespace is adjusted as needed.

And here is a second paragraph.

Block Quotes

This is a block    quote
in which   the whitespace is left unchanged.

Each line of a block quote starts with four spaces.


Here's a link to the Marlboro College homepage.

Markdown files end in a ".md" extension which need not be given in in url. So this is a link to "" in the current folder.

Clicking on a link to a file that doesn't exist yet will allow you to create that file if you have the rights to edit files in that folder.

As usual, urls can be absolute (i.e. or relative to the current folder (i.e. subfolder/file.html or ../parent).

The ~ character is used to indicate a course's home folder, so for example ~/home would be the url of a course's home page.

Pages may have attachments, which are placed in a corresponding folder. For a file "", its attachments would be put in "foo.attachments/".

Bullet Lists

This markup text

* one
* two
   * two and a half
* three

displays as

Leave a blank line before and after.

Starting each line with 1. gives a numbered list.

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

Code Blocks

This markup

def increment(x):
  """ add one to x """
  return x + 1

displays as this syntax highlighted code.

def increment(x):
  """ add one to x """
  return x + 1

Inline code

Single back ticks (not single quotes) around words within text puts that text within a small colored rectangle, as it does on github. Here's an example(of_this) syntax.

Math LaTeX

Expressions on one line such as \( e^{-i\pi} \) should be placed with within backslash parens.

Equations on their own line are created with backslash brack or two dollar signs.

For example

\[ \sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{1}{n} = \infty \]


$$ \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4 a c}}{2 a} $$


Visiting the URL of a folder (for example this one) will display its files (images, html, markdown, etc) and subfolders.

The umber content pages are text files with a ".md" (markdown) extension. Their URL omits the ".md" extension, like this.

uploading files

On any editable page or folder, there is a region at the bottom of the page where you can drag and drop files to upload them.

Files uploaded to a page named "foo" will be put into a "foo.attachments" folder.

displaying images

To insert an image in a page, use the html image tag after uploading the image as an attachment or to a nearby folder. For example

<img src='page.attachments/image.png' 
     class='img-right' width='200'>


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