Spring 2018


Programming Workshop (NSC490)
Credits: variable, typically 4
Level: Intermediate
Faculty: Jim Mahoney
When: Mon/Thu 3 - 4:30pm , 
Where: Sci 217

The goal of the Programming Workshop is to improve your programming skills and practice, bridging the gap between a beginner's understanding of the craft and an intermediate to advanced understanding. It's offered in alternating years in the Spring and typically consists of both students who took Intro Programming in the Fall and those with more experience. Some of the coding projects will be in groups, developing collaborative team coding skills. Possible topics include object oriented programming, functional programming, recursion, scope, threads and forks, web development, numerical methods, graphics and graphical user interfaces, version control, APIs, documentation, and testing, depending in part on the background and interests of the participants. The programming languages used varies but is typically Python, Javascript, or C. Other languages such as Lisp, R, Ruby, Java, Julia, Go, and Haskell are also possible but have been less common in this course. May be repeated for credit and taken for 2 to 4 credits.


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