Spring 2018


1. getting started due Thu Jan 25

Do two problems from advent of code. If you can, use two different program languages run two different ways. Explain your approach and what tools you used. Be ready to discuss in class.

2. more advent of code due Thu Feb 1

Do another two problems from advent of code or project euler . Submit both your code and the results of running it. As discussed in class,

3. piglatin - group project 1 due Thu Feb 8

Working with the others in your group, design and implement an industrial strength piglatin text conversion utility, which you will present in class. Include

I also want you to think of this effort as an exercise in project management, so be thinking about how you're making decisions, how you're sharing the work, and what software tools you're choosing to use.

4. managing groups due Mon Feb 12

Read up on software development and project management methodologies. Wikipedia's Software Development page is a reasonable place to start - following the links and choose some topics to explore - as well as the others on the resources page.

5. the piglatin web due Mon Feb 26

6. open source due Mon Mar 26

7. blockchain due Thu Apr 5

8. word counts due Mon Apr 9

9. style analysis due Thu Apr 19

10. final project presentation due Mon Apr 30

11. final project submission due Fri May 4

12. term grade due Tue May 8