Spring 2019


title:    Algorithms
number:   NSC429
credits:  4
level:    intermediate
when:     Tue / Thu 11:30 - 12:50
where:    Sci 217
text:     The Algorith Design Manual 2nd, S Skiena, ISBN 1849967202

An exploration of some classic computer science recipes and the ideas behind them. Topics will include big O notation, data structures such as queues and heaps, as well as problems involving sorting, searching, analyzing graphs, and encoding data. This is an intermediate level foundation course, strongly recommended for folks considering further work in computer science which is typically offered every other year. The primary programming language this semester will be python.

The content of this course is part of the core curriculum in any computer science course of study. Our approach will allow students with a variety of experience levels to participate, practicing their coding skill and increasing their understanding of implementing, testing, and designing computational recipes.

The assigned work will include readings from the text and online, weekly homework assignments, as well as a midterm and final coding project.

Grading will be based on the two project grades and a third single grade for the number of homework assignments engaged with in a timely and thorough manner. /cours /spring2019 /algorithms /syllabus
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