World Studies

Fall 2008


Here's the schedule as it currently stands. We meet 4.00-5.20pm in the World Studies Lounge unless otherwise stated. Check back regularly for updates and for information on the preparation required for each session.

10th Sep

Introduction to the World Studies Program
An introduction to the program and the colloquium, with T. Wilson.
Prep: none.

17th Sep

The Internship
The six--eight month internship is the heart of a degree in World Studies. Meet with seniors Ryan Dolan (WSP) and Liz Korona (non-WSP) who have just returned from Oaxaca City, Mexico.
Prep: none.

24th Sep 3.20pm

A Visit to SIT
Check out the resources on offer down the hill at the School for International Training with Bev Behrmann (Associate Director of World Studies). We'll meet outside the dining hall at 3.20pm and be back in time for dinner.
Prep: none.

1st Oct


8th Oct

Discussion with Tom Means.
Prep: tba

15th Oct

The Plan (and Pizza)
What does a WSP plan look like? How is the internship integrated into the work? We meet in the library plan room today. Immediately after class there will be a pizza mixer in the World Studies Lounge for all WSP students; please come along and get to know the other students in the program.

Prep: Find a World Studies Program plan in the library, preferably one that includes work in an academic or geographic area of interest to you, and familiarise yourself with its contents. You'll be expected to briefly describe the plan and what your thoughts are in relation to it in class.

22nd Oct

Invasive Species
Discussion led by Jim Tober and Jenny Ramstetter
Prep: As per email.

FRIDAY 24th Nov

Visiting Speaker
Dan Connell, faculty member in Journalism and African Politics at Simmons College, presents some of his experiences in South Africa.
Prep: none.

29th Oct

Interdisciplinarity: Public Space
Meg Mott and Kate Ratcliff will be joining us; stay tuned for more details.
Prep: Read the file attached to the handouts page (it should be a link on the left---if you can't see it then log in above right).

5th Nov

Movie Time
Get those movie suggestions in.

12th Nov

Essay chat
No formal class today (we met twice last week [OK, a few weeks ago, thanks to the timetable switch]). However, I'm available to meet with you to discuss your essays.
Prep: tba

19th Nov

After Marlboro
WSP graduate Heatherjean MacNeil '02 joins us to talk about her development of a fair-trade wonen's apparel company that supports worker-owned cooperatives in Central America.
Prep: tba
Also: Hand in essays today.

3rd Dec

Walking Man
Group discussion of the final project.
Prep: tba courses/ fall2008/world_studies/ syllabus
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