World Studies

Fall 2008


  due Wed Nov 19

Main paper

Here are the official parameters for the World Studies Program Application (or lack-of-application, as appropriate). I'll be in my office during the Colloquium hours on Wednesday 12th November if you want to talk about your essays, the program, or anything else.
1. The application for admission to the World Studies Program is to be completed by students in the World Studies Colloquium near the conclusion of the semester. Please submit completed applications to the World Studies Director in class on November 19. (Transfer juniors applying to the Program should submit materials before midterm of their first term at Marlboro.)
2. Applications will be reviewed by the Committee for World Studies. The Committee is not seeking to eliminate applicants who lack international experience; it wants to ensure a good match between the Program’s objectives and the goals of the students who enter the Program. Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision on admission by the World Studies Director after Thanksgiving.
3. Students applying for admission to the World Studies Program should write an essay of no more that three pages (total) in response to questions I and II. Colloquium students who do not wish to apply to WSP should answer questions I and III.
I. Describe a cross-cultural experience that you have had. Explain why the experience was significant to you. Please note that you need not have left the country to have had a cross-cultural experience!
II. How do you intend to fulfill the goals of the World Studies Program? At this point, you need not have a fully conceived plan for an internship or even a disciplinary focus, but you should engage in some speculation as to where you are headed academically.
III. How do you intend to develop a global perspective during your time at Marlboro? courses/ fall2008/world_studies/ special/assignments
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