World Studies

Fall 2008


Course Description

The World Studies Colloquium is a weekly seminar designed to provide you with the information you'll need to apply for the World Studies Program. It is also an excellent means for anyone interested in global issues to learn about resources on campus and how you might include an international dimension in your Marlboro education. During the weekly meetings you'll learn about WSP required courses and the internship semester. The colloquium is also a good opportunity to get to know faculty involved in international research, current WSP students who have done internships abroad, and the resources at SIT (School for International Training in Brattleboro). All of this should help you start thinking about your own international studies at Marlboro and abroad.
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Assignments and Grading

There will be two formal assignments. The first is an essay in which you will reflect on your plans and hopes related to international aspects of your education. This will serve as your application to the World Studies Program, should you wish to apply. The second is a project based on walking/observing/making done in conjunction with {\em The Walking Man} by Jiro Taniguchi, a Japanese artist and writer. The due dates for these assignments are 19th November and 3rd December respectively. More details on their parameters will be made available closer to the time.
Grading for this one-credit course is pass/fail. Your transcript will record ``P" or ``F" accordingly, and a ``P" earns one credit towards good standing, your final credit total, and so on. Because we meet just once a week and much of the content happens in class, {\bf only one class absence is allowed} and you must do some other work to make up for that absence. If you must miss a class, make every effort to let me know in advance and find out what make-up work to do.
For a one-credit course you are expected to do a total of 40 hours work over the semester. That is close to three hours per week. This total includes classtime, reading, writing, and everything else. In addition to the $1 \frac{1}{2}$ hour weekly class and the two formal assignments mentioned above, expect short readings, small research questions or other activities in preparation for some of our meetings.

Academic Integrity

You are expected to be aware of the college's policy on academic integrity and to abide by it. Please come and talk to me if anything is unclear. courses/ fall2008/world_studies/ home
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