Spring 2007



If you're taking the class, please continue reading the articles and watching the videos below.
Some of the materials (and the class photo roster) are restricted to people in the class; to see them you'll need to log in with your campus email username and password. To do so, start by clicking the "log in" link at the top right of this window.
We had over forty people come the first day. Good thing it's a big room and that three of us are teaching.
I've added some music for practicing; see tango mix after you log in.
I've updated the syllabus on Thurs 25 with my expecations and grading policy, which is a bit different from previous editions of the class. I've also added a page on shoes after fielding several questions.
See you in class, 3:30-5pm Tues in Persons. -- Jim (

final written work

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