Spring 2009


  due Tue Jan 27

getting started

  due Tue Feb 3

numerical calculus

  due Tue Feb 10

first order

  due Tue Feb 17

euler and logistic

  due Thu Feb 19

test 1

  due Tue Feb 24

forced damped oscillator

  1. Given a simple harmonic oscillator my'' = − ky with a given initial conditions y(0) = y0,y'(0) = v0 , write down the solution and verify that it work.
  2. Verify that the damped oscillator can be solved by equations of either the following forms :
    • y(t) = AeBtsin(Ct + D)
    • y(t) = GeHt where both G and H may be complex.
    • Explain how the real (A, B, C, D) are connected to the complex (G, H).
  due Thu Mar 5


  due Fri Mar 6

midterm grades

  due Thu Mar 12

numerical practice

  due Tue Apr 7

runge kutta etc

  due Tue Apr 14


  due Tue Apr 21

test 2

  due Tue Apr 21

systems of equations

  due Tue Apr 28

stability and critical points

  due Tue May 5


  due Fri May 8

final exam


course grade

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