Spring 2018

Feb 12


Discuss group management methodologies. What did you find in your reading?


I propose a two week project :

Your mission is to present on Mon Feb 26 a browser extension which when enabled turns web pages into piglatin representations of those pages.

You'll work in two teams of three people:

You'll turn in one submission which includes

The deliverable should be one short paper, with the three of you as authors. Do include references, a introspective discussion of how you decided to manage your time and who did what, what you accomplished, and all the sorts of docs, code, screenshots, and all that.


We'll do a few other things as well during class, but this will be the main task between now an then. And there will be at least part of each class between now and then that you can use to meet as a group.

I would like to also do some exercises on regular expressions, so that all of you get some experience with them. I'll use the advent of code day 9 as using regular expressions.

You don't need to use regular expressions for the pig latin stuff ... but it would be a natural fit.

Here's an example using "node" (javascript) from the command line :

var re = /(\w+)\s(\w+)/;
var str = 'John Smith';
var newstr = str.replace(re, '$2, $1');

or in one line

> 'Jim Mahoney'.replace(/(\w+)\s(\w+)/, '$2, $1')
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