Spring 2018


April 9 - programming styles

This week we're looking at :

The "Exercises in Programming Style" book is now on reserve in our library - take a look.

Today: show'n'tell with our own 1st effort.

this Thursday: choose one to discuss in class. (Nothing to turn in, but do come prepared.)

next Thursday: Submit a written discussion of a style. (Can be one that anyone presented previously.)

rest of the term (about two weeks): a project of your choice, to be shown in class Monday April 30, and turned in formally by Friday May 4. Come to class ready to discuss your progress. Possible projects include a Tron robot or AdventOfCode or ProjectEuler problems, in a language you know or a new one.

Our efforts so far :

Coming : /cours /spring2018 /workshop /notes /apr9
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